Why does it seem like Nintendo doesn't give a damn about Donkey Kong?

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Am I really the first person to point this out? Rare made all the other dkc games. I think it's one of those franchises that nintendo has never done on own, which would explain why they gave it to retro.
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You nooblet mainstreamers and your reverse nostalgia.

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Yeah, I mean, they give him a bunch of game and recently a remake that they heavily advertise, but it still seems like they don't care about him!

All we got for the past decade was DKCR, and its port. I wouldn't say that's a bunch of games.

Jungle Beat, Donkey Konga, King of Swing, Mario vs. DK...

I guess Zelda fans would be okay if we went 10 years with the only Zelda games being spin-offs like tingle's rosy rupeland and tetra's trackers. You're kidding yourself if you think Donkey Kong fans would actually want those games rather than a proper Donkey Kong game.

And most of those games were from 10 years ago, so my point still stands.

You must not be a real fan of Donkey Kong then because they are all really good games that stand up to the older games without a problem. It isn't that Nintendo isn't making any new Donkey Kong games, it's that they haven't been making the Donkey Kong games that YOU want. Don't confuse not getting your way, with not getting anything at all.
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