Super Mario 3D World.... laziest, most uninspired 3D Mario game ever

#181KaabisteruPosted 6/12/2013 3:29:33 AM
At the moment, I've gotten bit sick of collectathon craziness of Super Mario Galaxy and other 3D Marios. Along with thinking "where to take Mario now after Galaxy?"

And I was hesitant on getting 3D Land because there guys were still seemingly experiencing with the formula, but the game seemed so much like other Mario-games.
But this game seems to have perfected it, has some new things to it, and also reminded me what made me love Mario-games at the first place.

Fun gameplay which tends to be comfortable yet challenging. The whimsical environment and visuals. Powerups and how it lets you interact with the world while looking ridiculous (c'mon now, CAT SUIT ON A FAT ITALIAN PLUMBER? HILARIOUS!)

I mean I never see Kirby getting bashed despite being too easy? So why is Mario getting so much bashing? This game had brought back Peach and Toad (which is what EVERYONE HAS BEEN CRYING FOR PAST 25+ YEARS!), emphasizes on collecting and is mostly fun go while having some challenges ahead.

I might be too modest, but it's why I feel like most happy and excited to get to try this game.
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#182AnxTheBludgeonPosted 6/12/2013 3:44:15 AM
Will this game typical Mario fare, albeit fun? Yes, most definitely.

Is it the second coming of Mario that I was hoping for that was going to rescue my ailing Wii U from falling into obscurity?

No, not likely

Do I hate it? no, I'm sure as hell gonna have fun playing this with my GF and various buddies.

But goddamn, how I was hoping for a true successor to Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy.

Typical Nintendo disappointment. Nothing to see here.
suck it and see.
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I would have taken Sunshine 2 over this.



Yes, and with more watermelon-rolling fun!

(YES, I'm being sarcastic).
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