No F-Zero. No Metroid. No Star Fox. Me thinks that Nintendo has lost it.

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I think the reason we haven't seen a game from these series is because of the fanbase for each.

The problem with F-Zero is that it's a very niche franchise with a small fanbase, so of course you won't see anything from it for a long time. With Metroid and Star Fox, fans are too split on how the next game in their series should be, how it should play out, and chronilogically, when it should take place in the series's own canon. With Metroid, fans either want another 2D shooter a la Super, or another FPS a la Prime. With Star Fox, fans want either another rail-shooter a la 64, or a TPS/rail-shooter a la Assault. It's to the point where Nintendo probably does not know what they want to do with these series because no matter what, fans will not be satisfied because it's too much a change, or not enough change.
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Mario rocks
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Should have bought Star fox 3D when u had the chance then...

And what about the people who already played the original to death? Or those who don't appreciate ultimatums being made if you don't purchase enhanced ports?

That's too bad. If people don't show their support for an already failing franchise anyway they can then developers are less likely to continue to develop for said franchise. Nuts and bolts people...

How in the heck is Nuts and Bolts a fair comparison? That was a brand new game. Star Fox 3D was an enhanced port.
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