Your Thoughts: Super Smash Bros. to include DLC.

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3 years ago#61
DT-Fox posted...
Depends. I'd see no issue with free DLC as long as character ones aren't "limited time only".

As far as paid DLC, I personally don't believe that competitive genres like fighters should hold ANY characters behind a pay wall. Have everyone available now, or make them unlockable through personal effort. BUT, if you can unlock them without having to pay, and allow folks to pay to unlock everything immediately, I don't see an outright issue with that.

The only paid DLC I'd be down for is alternative costumes/stages/music because that doesn't directly interfere with the mechanics/metagame.

What if you could unlock lots of characters but they also released new ones later on via DLC?

I'm fine with it, myself. If they don't do it, I'm sure it won't be long til we can hack new ones in ourselves like in Brawl.
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3 years ago#62
From: DarthFloaty | #003
Cool, Nintendo hasn't pissed me off with DLC yet, so I'll gladly buy it from them.
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3 years ago#63
DLC? I certainly hope it happens. Add in more characters like Roy/Pichu and such that got cut. Maybe eventually add in classic stages like Hyrule Castle from N64. It's a great way to keep interest in the game as time progresses
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3 years ago#64
I definitely want DLC for next Super Smash Bros..
On other, mostly unrelated news, did you see Microsoft's decision on Killer Instinct?
Remember people making fun of Capcom and their in-game DLC characters, saying "LOL might as well release a game with only one character and the rest as DLC."? They will literally do that. Truth has finally caught up to parody.
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3 years ago#65
Do Not Want unless it's actually new content.
3 years ago#66
only if it adds more to the game like an extra story or mode. no special ridiculous skins. and only new characters but bundled together and actually take part in the story, after unlocking the initial characters found in game.
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