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3 years ago#1
If you could destroy one game genre which would it be? - Results (1012 votes)
39.92% (404 votes)
3.26% (33 votes)
3.36% (34 votes)
1.98% (20 votes)
1.38% (14 votes)
14.92% (151 votes)
28.46% (288 votes)
1.28% (13 votes)
1.78% (18 votes)
Real time strategy
3.66% (37 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I would definitely get rid of FPS', for the simple fact that they have destroyed the gaming industry. What was once filled with variety is now filled mostly with ugly lifeless shooters.
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3 years ago#2
Not all FPS are the same, you shouldn't generalize like that.
But anyway, I pick sports.
3 years ago#3
If only "used to be survival horror but is now big budget action shooter" was an option.
3 years ago#4
supremeblaster posted...
Not all FPS are the same, you shouldn't generalize like that.
But anyway, I pick sports.
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3 years ago#5
I didn't vote. I enjoy games of all the genres listed.

I do think that developers and publishers generally need a different mindset though. What's destroying the industry isn't any single genre. It's developers and publishers thinking only AAA games with a marketing budget at least as much as game development are pretty much a necessity. As a result we get games with bland gameplay and superb presentation. But the gameplay itself is barely good enough to be enjoyable from start to finish in the single player, so after that people will just go play multiplayer because it's addictive

Meanwhile, devs not focusing on that actually manage to make fun games that are simply fun to replay with a much smaller budget.
Read the mania:
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3 years ago#6
Why would I want to kill a game genre? What's so hard about just not playing games that I don't like?
3 years ago#7
What are you doing with yourself now that the game industry has been destroyed? I'm learning Latin and crafting tiny outfits for a hamster wedding.
3 years ago#8
how did i know FPS would be the first thing mentioned in this topic. if you take away fpses, we wouldn't have doom, goldeneye, perfect dark, timesplitters trilogies, turok games, borderlands, metroid primes, bioshocks etc. it may be oversaturated, but it still has many, many classics.
3 years ago#9
Dream as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die today
3 years ago#10
Music. Unnecessary.
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