I assume The Wii U version of Rayman Legends will be its definitive version?

#1MabinogiFanPosted 6/15/2013 1:03:02 PM
The other day I tried the demo at a Best Buy and really liked it. All the gamepad features were really fun and unique. It was then that I pretty much decided that I was going to own that game in the future.

I just bought Rayman Origins on PSN to prepare myself and am really liking it so far. I chose PSN because I figured it was the best option I had and it seemed like the best version. It was only $20 too.

So when I get Rayman Legends, should I get the Wii U version? It seems like it'll be the best version, with the Gamepad and exclusive levels and such.
#2AJ2412Posted 6/15/2013 1:04:37 PM
I heard that the Vita version is getting five or so exclusive levels. So it seems like the Vita version is the best version to go with. >_>
That's annoying, really. Since the Wii u got delayed by about...what? Six or so months? And now the Vita version is getting exclusive levels.
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#3melbye80Posted 6/15/2013 1:05:56 PM
It is a multiplattform game, the WiiU-version will be screwed over somehow.
#4Thunderbird8Posted 6/15/2013 1:07:31 PM
If you have a Wii U, you can download the Rayman Legends Challenges App, which can probably be considered a demo without a launch limit.
#5JonbazookabozPosted 6/15/2013 1:09:28 PM
The wii u version has 30 exclusive levels. 5 player. Miiverse. Two screen play with touch. Off tv play. 1080p 60fps. It IS the definitive version.
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#6Mandrew257Posted 6/15/2013 1:20:20 PM
Its been said that it will be the best version already. At least it better be, that game was supposed to come out Nov.18, then Dec.4 then feb.26. Now its September -_-
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#7StephenYap3Posted 6/15/2013 1:22:56 PM
Looks like it. Vita has more levels, but who cares?
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#8LorthremarPosted 6/15/2013 1:35:04 PM
StephenYap3 posted...
Looks like it. Vita has more levels, but who cares?

people who want the definitive version.
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#9slymshadyPosted 6/15/2013 1:35:57 PM
I thought all versions were getting 30 extra levels to justify the delay. Ill get it after a major price drop on wii u as I prefer the nunchuck combo
#10FilthyLittleBoiPosted 6/15/2013 1:37:00 PM
StephenYap3 posted...
Looks like it. Vita has more levels, but who cares?

Nintendo fanboys cared when it was trine 2 that had one extra level :3