Will Super Mario 3D World sell Wii U consoles?

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User Info: Weltall548

3 years ago#61
king_madden posted...
AhnoldDood posted...
Its the bigger and better sequel to the fastest selling, and best selling, 3DS game. The answer is a "No duh."

3ds =/= wiiU

can you people please stop comparing a handheld to consoles

Why not? NSMB sold well, and NSMBW sold well.
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User Info: harvestmoonmike

3 years ago#62
Let's look at how games in the franchises that are releasing this year have previously sold.

NSMBW - 27 million
SMG - 12 million
SM3DL - 8 million
DKCR - 6 million
LoZ:SS - 3.5 million
OoT3D - 3 million

So with Wind Waker 3D, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo is looking to have a stellar liineup this Fall/Holiday season in terms of best selling franchises. Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will hopefully continue to sell the system, but I don't think they're necessary for people to buy the system this year, a good Mario platformer is all people really need.

And that's not even bringing up Wii U Fit and Wii U Party, which also come out later this year (and games in the Wii/Mii series are huge sellers). If Nintendo were smart, they'd get to releasing Wii U Sports in 2014, because even without the system pack-in, Wii Sports Resort is one of their best sellers with over 30 million copies sold. That's the game Nintendo should really have this year.
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User Info: cha_fan1

3 years ago#63
It will absolutely sell consoles. While it is not as inspiring a release as Super Mario Galaxy was, or Super Mario 3D Land (which had a top down Zelda level that made people abuzz), it is a Mario title, and there are certain expectations of quality with the franchise moniker.

I would have liked to see a return to the open world concept of Super Mario 64, but with that dismissed, I will still add this to my gaming library, even if I don't supplant Super Mario Galaxy or Galaxy 2 for it.
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User Info: Quesker

3 years ago#64
Duh. Like the game or not, this is the big title game that will help sell units.
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