Nintendo could definitely learn a lot from Sony...

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3 years ago#1
when it comes to creating new IPs.

So why hasn't Nintendo try to make a new IP since their Gamecube days? They were doing so well on a creative level when they made Chibi Robo, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, etc.

Nowadays, it seems like Sony is the only one that's bothering to create something new.
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3 years ago#2
We need Castlevania: Bloodlines on Wii U VC.
3 years ago#3
nickvd8 posted...

In before "Most of those weren't made directly by Nintendo" without thinking that many of Sony's new IPs weren't directly made by Sony either. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project
3 years ago#4
They've got enough IPs to juggle 'round as is.

Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Puzzle League, Advanced Wars, Pikmin, Kid Icarus, Smash Bros, F-Zero, Mother, Animal Crossing, Punch-Out, Wii series...

I honestly don't think we should be asking for moar new IPs. Instead, I think we should be asking for new games to be added to the ones we currently have and that have not seen any new releases in awhile...
Krystal and Phoenix Wright for Smash 4!
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3 years ago#5
They've covered every genre and basically reboot every series every few games. Take the Galaxy games for example. they easily could have made it a new IP, but why? It sells more with Mario in the title. Nintendo still innovates and creates games based around new ideas. They just keep the familiar characters.
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3 years ago#6
nickvd8 posted...

And that list was compiled nearly two years ago. There have been more since then, like Pushmo and Dillon's Rolling Western.
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3 years ago#7
when it comes to Nintendo's game design, their first step is often coming up with new approaches to playing the games, and then they simply add the art style, characters, and world of one of their familiar characters onto it.

if you complain about new iPs without appreciating all the new gameplay styles they keep making, you clearly are judging with your eyes and not by actually playing the games.

for example, there's a greater difference between Mario Galaxy and Mario Sunshine than there ever was between two shooters of completely different franchises and IPs.
3 years ago#8
nickvd8 posted...

Right off the bat I see Pandora's Tower and Last Story, both made and funded by third parties, so I don't see why they are listed as Nintendo IPs.
3 years ago#9
Sony has new IPs?
3 years ago#10
HayashiTakara posted...
Sony has new IPs?

Infamoose and Indiana Jone
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