So I never got my Wii U to update

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User Info: the maxx

the maxx
3 years ago#1
Ever since I bought it on launch week.

Is not that I needed to, becouse I keep playing Super Mario WiiU and Nintendo Land since that day. I always get the same error once thet internet conection passes (105-4235, 4011, etc).

I have tried every single test and advice I got online but nothing; not even with the ethernet adapter.
Anyway I realy dont bother that much on itbecasue I mostly play online on a ps3.

But I was wondering, if I buy a new game, Do people have problems when they play new games on an non updated console?? not counting multiplayer matches, does it affects the games as not working at all?

I was planing to buy Bayonetta2, Mario Kart 8, 3D World, Smash and so; but Im afraid they wont run if I havent updated the console. Will does games update it when installed? wont I need to update at all?

Any tips will be appreciated
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User Info: senelcoolidge_

3 years ago#2
The new games may "auto" update your system.
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User Info: Archsaze

3 years ago#3
Call Nintendo! If its a hardware problem they'll fix it since its under the year warranty. If not, they'll at least be able to offer solutions.

User Info: Thunderbird8

3 years ago#4
It was possible for Wii games (and 3DS games) to have updates on the physical media itself. I suspect this will happen with Wii U games eventually, assuming it hasn't already.

User Info: Faceman_

3 years ago#5
My tip is that it sounds like a personal problem, TC.
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