Miyamoto says devs should avoid games that "look and feel the same"

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Assassin's Creed
God of War
Call of Duty
Metal Gear Solid

Those are made by like 10 different publishers. Most of those publishers only put out that one franchise and maybe a couple others, but not nearly as many as Nintendo does.

Even then the variety still doesn't match Nintendo's list anyway.

Plus if anything the only ones that are the same is basically CoD
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He meant "look the same" as every other game out there. He's criticizing hyper-realism. This isn't hypocrisy.

I get what he is saying.
But how is Nintendo´s graphical style not "looking the same". The only game I can recall that was different was Wind Waker. Nintendo is hyper-color full and fruity?

And the COD series is just as different than every Mario game.
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Yeah, I took it that all FPS's shouldn't try to be CoD, and all action games shouldn't try to be Assassin's Creed or God of War. Of course series games should look and feel familiar, but different series within the same genre shouldn't.

You can't honestly tell me that each FPS feels like a different game. Hell, change battlefield 3's name to Call of Duty: Extended Maps Warfare and I wouldn't be able to tell a difference between them if you hid the UI.

Basically this.

But watching everyone spin it will be fun to watch. ;)
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Well this quickly turned into a bash fest.