With the recent changes, Wii U>XBox One still?

#1Bancario51Posted 6/19/2013 5:27:31 PM
Wii U>Xbox One? - Results (106 votes)
Yes, the damage has been done
77.36% (82 votes)
No, and the Wii U is in trouble
22.64% (24 votes)
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#2kingbadjoPosted 6/19/2013 5:30:15 PM
Wiiu and xbox1/ps4 are to different to compare. They offer completely different things. It's either you like what they offer or don't. They cant be compared the way ps4/xb1 are. Those two are like the same thing.
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#3Every1hasAidsPosted 6/19/2013 5:32:03 PM
PC>Wii>Wii U>PS4>Xbox One. That's how it will be for me.
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#4The_HyphenatorPosted 6/19/2013 5:32:44 PM
All Microsoft has done with this decision is show that they're liars. They claimed up and down that the DRM couldn't be removed from the system the way it was. And today, they went and did it.

So, if it's really that simple, and they were lying to us all along...what's to stop them from changing their minds 2 years down the road once millions of people have bought the Xbone and are locked into their purchase?

It's not like this is without precedent. Sony removed the "other OS" feature from the PS3 after people had already bought the system for that feature. Granted, most of us didn't care, because most of us never used that feature, but it just shows that, as long as a feature is tied to firmware and not hardware, the console manufacturers can change them down the line.

Mark my words, Microsoft isn't done trying to shove this DRM down our throats. Not by a long shot.
#5TerotrousPosted 6/19/2013 5:40:32 PM
Everyone knew they were going to do this, I'm just surprised it was so fast. They really must have been getting slaughtered in preorders.

Still doesn't change the fact that their system costs $100 too much though.
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#6CaioNVPosted 6/19/2013 5:41:10 PM
After everything, Wii U is still better than Xbox One.
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#7TheUnboundOnePosted 6/19/2013 5:53:27 PM
Nope. I preordered an x1 and ps4 last week and just got a neat little ribbon tied around my new toys.still no interest in Nintendo games since 1996.
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#8cavebear56Posted 6/19/2013 5:55:43 PM
Terotrous posted...
Everyone knew they were going to do this, I'm just surprised it was so fast. They really must have been getting slaughtered in preorders.

Still doesn't change the fact that their system costs $100 too much though.


I'm actually disappointed as I was hoping maybe the had some grand scheme they were trying to set in motion...instead of the truth of the matter being hey made a terrible decision at the start.

That said they'll try to spin it as "Look we listened to our consumers and due to our desire to support our consumers in every way possible we addressed the issues they had with the system!" rather than telling the truth " We couldn't trick enough people into a bad idea so we're changing it...but still more expensive than either the PS4 or Wii U".
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#9CaptainCorrectPosted 6/19/2013 6:00:22 PM
I've always hated Nintendo, but M$'s charades last week actually made me hate them more than I hate the Wii U. But even now, I can't put one over the other. They're still both scams for the ignorant masses. The X1 still requires Kinect and lumps that in with the high price, Xbox Live is still more expensive and worse functioning than Sony's online, and the exclusives are not only few, but only appealing to immature 10-year-olds. As for the Wii U, its selection is also only appealing to 10-year-olds, but at least the consumer isn't being charged an arm and a leg for its services. But still, intelligent gamers were over Nintendo's gimmicks before the Wii U even released. I still expect the PS4 to crush both of them easily.
#10HitagiPosted 6/19/2013 6:01:39 PM
Wii U has never looked more attractive than Xbone.