Nintendo would be better off going third party

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Trolling as soon as you got back from purgatory i see.
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...Might as well post this here;

Now go argue how nintendo is going to fail as a console developer.

That graphic is inaccurate. Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world. One factor to determine a company's worth is Market Capitalization of which Sony and Nintendo are ants compared to Microsoft. In the Fortune 500 Microsoft is ranked 37, while Sony is 87th. Nintendo isn't even listed in the Fortune 1000...

Any moron can input numbers into an excel spreadsheet.

Yes, that would be true, but this is a report on their gaming sections of the companies. If you want to disprove me on this, go find some evidence on this.

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Why do you gys even post in this? You are just bumping it. Stop replying to every freaking troll on this board.

(had to post this to try to prevent others so this is the only bump I will be giving it.

Yeah, I know, but i'm bored and feel like arguing with a troll.
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Ah, HERE'S our daily "Nintendo should really go third party because I don't feel like buying their console" topic. Was getting worried that it might not happen today.
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SONY and Microsoft should go third party.

ElGado posted...
They can't compete directly with the Wii U and 3DS as those machines focus on more than power and have an established first party base. Three consoles with the same gameplay focus would leave SONY with the scraps if they decided to go that route, because the Wii U and 3DS base view SONY and Microsoft as too focused on cinematic gameplay.

The shooter-dude-bro route is set to become a fad. Look at the poor sales numbers of the Vita and the Hollywood complex they try to implement within gaming, worst for a new console ever. While they were able to catch lighting with a bottle in the hardcore gaming era, that fad is no longer viable. (Duh, btw.) Online shooters were a thing, and so was the "Mature" marketing propaganda. But fads die.

Furthermore, SONY and Microsoft First arty games have not even been very good as of late. Rehash after rehash, no new ideas and nothing revolutionary. Both Uncharteds's are bad, the CoD games aren't even in the same class anymore, and do we really need Killzone 35 and Halo 79?

SONY and Microsoft still have the best public image and resources. SONY Pictures, Music Unlimited, Windows 7, Xbox Live. SONY and Microsoft would make more money if they decided to go third party. The Pokemon and Mario frnachises make billions every year, and gamers should not be deprived of the great Halo, Uncharted, Forza IP. No one wants to waste their money on a worthless tablet gimmick (Surface) or Vita-PS4 implementation, so SONY and Microsoft should just swallow their pride and do it for the benefit of all gamers.

See? it's easy to bash anyone! Now, please continue letting marketing campaigns mold your views, likes, and dislikes. Don't try to be original when you can just follow the publicity and marketing leaders and be like the rest!
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Not this topic again...
Here TC; educate yourself:


Graduate high school first, or get your GED.

Basically your saying to me that it's okay to fail and do bad because Nintendo has money saved up. Guess what, they'll run out of money eventually if they continue the poor job they are doing.

They have over 60 years to turn things around. I think the'll be fine.
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Both Galaxy's are bad

Joke topic? I hope.

Game is about as linear as FF 13.

wait so what is the best game you have ever played.
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This is what people should be petitioning for.
Man at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Iwata committed sudoku on himself
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It's like the trolls don't want to be taken seriously on any level. Can't you at least try to be subtle, lolGado?
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AstralFrost posted...
This is what people should be petitioning for.

Having TC sectioned? Wholeheartedly agree.
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Crazy_tank51 posted...
It's like the trolls don't want to be taken seriously on any level. Can't you at least try to be subtle, lolGado?

Trolls on Nintendo boards dont even know the meaning of the word subtle
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