If nintendo had agreed to team up with sony to make the Nintendo Playstation...

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I see, I see...
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I can gaming getting away from disc games as we speak. Looks like Nintendo new cds were just a cheap format then. And lets be honest here, I have tons on old cd games that will never work again due to sratches etc. However, let me wipe the koolaide out of goldeneye so we can play some 64.

Cds have been and always will be an inferior media stora ge format.
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Because of Chris Brown
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It didn't happen. Try to move on with your life.
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Sony was a huge collective ass, though. They tried to screw Nintendo over by sneaking some provision into the contract that gave them rights to all Nintendo's software without even mentioning it to Nintendo. Would you try to do business with a company after they pulled that crap on you?
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