Super Smash Bros. lacks full cast due to time constraints

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The Super Smash Bros. series has featured a lot of characters across its three titles, but they won't all return for the next iteration. They simply can't according to designer Masahiro Sakurai -- there just isn't enough time.

Speaking to NowGamer, Sakurai laid out the reasoning behind the decision. "Adding new characters is not a simple addition -- itís really multiplication. The amount of work, adding a character is multiplied and becomes bigger and bigger as you go. We canít because of the amount of work it takes."

Sakurai appeared to lament the fact that some players' favorites would be omitted. "We're going to put in as many characters as we can, we really want to do that, because it's good for the fans and good for all of us. But in the event that we do have to cut some characters, I'd like to apologize in advance to those fans" he said.

Look on the bright side: if you find yourself without your Super Smash Bros. favorite, you can just pummel your opponent into submission with the Wii Fit Trainer's yoga moves.


I hope this is not an excuse to add dlc we will see i guess hopefully it'll at least have the must have characters.
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Old. Plus now nintendo can go the capc route and release the game 5 times with 2-4 new characters
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Relax. That probably means no pointless characters like Toon Link, Wolf, etc.
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I'd be willing to wait longer for a better game. I'm also open to the idea of DLC if it's done right.
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Don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff don't cut Jigglypuff... Though if they randomly feel like replacing it with Wigglytuff for some weird reason I'd be all for it.
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I really hope Lucas is in, just diversity his moveset a little more to make him not a Ness clone. Hell, get rid of Ness. I love Mother 3 way more than Earthbound.
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I'm okay with it, but that's mostly because Link is my main, and they'll never cut him from an SSB roster.
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Lucas and Ness are two of the three characters I dominate with (the other being Dedede).

I really hope Lucas isn't cut, but it seems inevitable at this point.
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#9star_guy_100Posted 6/25/2013 9:09:51 AM
i just get that vibe from nintendo. somethings too hard, too long to do now that they are making hd games, so they take shortcuts or dont give thier fans the full quality they expect. i forget who it was, maybe iwata, but a nintendo exec even said the wii u is not selling because the quality of their games hasnt been up to their standard.

instead of doing something thats going to take more time for a better experience, they cut back that experience at the cost of gamers because they need to get this out as soon as possible to get their dying console to start selling units

instead of spending a lot more money, a lot more time, and a lot more effort, to create a raelly amazing 3d mario experience, they take the cheaper, faster, and much less impressive mario experience. even though im not interested in 3d world, it might be an ok game, but it will never be a game at the same epicness level as mario 64, sunshine, or galaxy 1 and 2. and deep down i think all fans know it wont be that amazing, once in a gen experience like mario galaxy was. again nintendo needs a 3d mario game out as soon as possible because their console is in desperate need because they didnt plan things out well enough.

i think nintendo is adjusting to hd, realizing how much time and money it costs, they wernt ready for it and it kind of is screwing them now. so they are not giving us the highest quality experience we expect and they have delivered for so long.
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This is just Sakurai being realistic. Of course they can't have every single old character and make new ones too. The amount of time this would take would be huge.