I'm not usually one for accessories... but I want a sheild strap for the gamepad

#1New LinkPosted 6/25/2013 5:28:31 PM

I don't know. It may be my choice of relaxation habbits speaking but I would really enjoy playing a game with the WiiMotion+, Nunchuck, and Gamepad strapped to my arm.

Imagine (for example) playing as Samus in a first person adventure. Going about everything and using a computer built into her armor. It may sound awkward but in WarioWare smooth moves one of the minigames involved dropping the wiimote and allowing it to dangle grom the strap. This same "technique" can be used to trigger samus to lower her weapon and bust out the computer panel. With this sabus could be outrunning something (like an exploding <whatever samus is standing on> ) and forced to call in her ship while running (using the gamepad and nunchuck)

I dunno, just a thought.

On a related note, I still want a shooter that utilizes a zapper+gamepad(scope) setup which takes advantage of the panerama capabilities. I'd love an immersive horror (think dead space extraction) on-rails shooter that took advantage of the "behind you!" feature.
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