Rate the three NES Mario games based on difficulty

#41DrumguyPosted 7/1/2013 10:28:41 AM
Lost Levels>SMB3>SMB1>SMB2
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MasterPoker posted...
Easiest to hardest: 3 (if continues are permitted) > 2 (if Peach is permitted) > 1 > 3 (no continues) > 2 (Peach banned) > 2J

i think even without continues 3 is the easiest, since lives are so abundant. every time i play it, by the time i make it to world to i have at least 20 lives, and by world 3 it's over 30. they kinda throw them at you.

of course still harder than 99% of modern games, but that's another thing haha
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That's a fair point, but when I think of SMB1, I really just think of 8-3 and maybe 8-2 as being the hard part of the game. Getting there was easy (whether it was with a lot of lives or via warp pipes), but running through 8-3 was hell, especially if you got there without a powerup. Yes, there was a 1-up early enough in the stage to keep trying, but it was still a very hard level.
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SMB3>SMB>SMB2>Lost Levels
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promo123 posted...
TalentedM posted...
Also Mario 2 was a joke. Despite being one of my favorite games as a child, it is almost nothing like a Mario game that they have been providing for the last 28 years of my life.

But it introduced lots of music, characters, and items that have been in many Mario games in the last 28 years.

Mario 2 USA still had mushrooms, stars, and turtle shells. Also look it Mario 3D World and how the characters abilities come from Mario 2.
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I don't understand why people give SMB2 (US) crap, "not a true Mario game" etc. Lost Levels feels like some @$$**** made an edit of SMB1 on their home PC and did nothing but create annoyingly difficult levels. Nothing fresh or interesting. SMB2 (US) took the core elements of the Mario gameplay and expanded upon them. It offered completely new and memorable music, enemies, level designs, and playable characters with unique traits which change how you play the game.

It was far more creative than Lost Levels, easily. It offered more than anyone could ask for from a direct sequel to the first installment of a series. The call to return Doki Doki Panic to a Mario game for the American release was one of the best they could have done for the series at the time. I would much rather play what we received as Mario 2 over a poor edit of SMB1 with pretentiously difficult levels any day.

That said, this is how I would rank the games from least to most difficult. (Assuming you use no warps and don't abuse Princess Toadstool.)

SMB3 < SMB1 < SMB2 < Lost Levels