What's your favourite Metroid Prime?

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User Info: STN79

3 years ago#11
I really wanna say the first prime because it was a bigger deal. You know cause it proved a first person Metroid can work. I generally hate that style of game but somehow with Metroid everything clicked. Retro proved alot of people wrong and did a great job. Prime 3 is my favorite though. the whole game just felt more fun to me.

User Info: Kiro_nami

3 years ago#12
Trilogy is the only correct answer.
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User Info: STN79

3 years ago#13
I happen to be a proud owner of the prime trilogy! (runs off to hug the box)
Ahh that's good gaming!

User Info: Shadow-Angel

3 years ago#14
Metroid Prime.
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User Info: Dark_Link92

3 years ago#15
Corruption, closely followed by the first one, which are both miles better than the second one.
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User Info: Chokusetsu

3 years ago#16
MP1 from Trilogy.

Don't care about sequence breaking or anything. I like the remote aiming and hate dual analog.

User Info: wrightreyesrock

3 years ago#17
I like the trilogy version of Prime 2 the best
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