What if Nintendo never released the motion + controller/tech

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2 years ago#1
and held off until the release of their next console.

instead of the tablet they could have touted the additional motion capabilities and packaged the console with a more extensive Wii sports resort or wii sports 2.

They would have been able to offer the console cheaper whilst also upgrading the tech. Could also be packaged with a pro controller for the core gamer and to help third parties as an alternative to trying to mould or tack on motion to their existing games.

Do you think if such steps were taken the Wii U would be more successful at this point in time or not and WHY?
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2 years ago#3
It would just be a two console race between Sony and Microsoft, or Nintendo gets bought out by Apple or Samsung.
2 years ago#4
Xbone would be $100 less.
2 years ago#5
none of your answers make sense to me. did you read the add. details in the post/

i'm asking about motion+ and whether it should have been held off on.
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2 years ago#6
I don't think so. Personally, i have been very pleased with the tablet controller, and simply adding motion plus would've been redundant. On top of that, can you imagine how many critics would be writing the system off? It would've basically been an entire system developed around a piece of hardware that really should have existed at the Wii's launch.
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2 years ago#7
The Wii wouldn't have had a successful gimmick, so it wouldn't have appealed to the soccer moms and casuals, so it would have flopped harder than the Wii U is flopping now, most likely.

I'm not anti-Nintendo, but I think the U's record speaks for itself. It sold around 3.5 M units in about a month, then the sales just dove off a cliff for 5 or 6 straight months.
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  3. What if Nintendo never released the motion + controller/tech

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