I think I know why Nintendo gets crappy third party support.

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Do you guys remember the Nintendo Gamecube? It was a great system with great games and awesome graphics. It even had more power than the PS2, but I couldn't help but notice why all the multi platform games looked noticeably worse! This frustrated the hell out of me! I though if the gamecube can play beautiful graphics like RE4 why couldn't multi plats be on par with the other systems!! Now obviously the same argument can not be said for the wii because its hardware was way less power compared to and xbox 360 or ps3, but its not like the wii versions of its xbox and ps3 counter part did the system any justice either!! They were crappy! Now with the Wii U, we're seeing the same DAMN CYCLE!! AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!! Batman arkham origins still looks worse on Wii U, Sniper Elite V2 is lacking multiplayer, and Injustice also is stripped of its multiplayer! When are third party developers going to start taking Nintendo seriously?? WILL THERE EVER BE ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE RESIDENT EVIL GAME?!?! NO!! I'll tell you why! Kids...thats right KIDS!! Nintendo aims they're system at kids kids kids kids kids little bratty kids!! GIVE SAMUS AN AUTOMATIC LASER GUN OR SOMETHIN not just a semi auto keep pressing A to fire and for crying out loud make the enemies flinch!! I want to know that I'm inflicting some pain. Make F Zero with more depth like a mix of GT and F zero. GET MORE GRITTY! I understand Nintendo likes to be different and innovative, yes that is fine! Im fine with using the gamepad its actually pretty cool it reminds of the gba to gc connection, but Nintendo needs to put out some new content more aimed towards young adults not just mario. Im sorry guys, but Nintendo is never going to get the install base 3rd parties want without putting out games that are more for just kids! sigh..xbox 360/ ps3 represent.
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There was a time where I was the only member of my close family to not need glasses. Thanks to you, that time has passed.
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good now read and take a fist full of knowledge to your deformed gamer face!!!! always close your mouth when gaming, always sit up at a 90 degree angle with your eyes being horizontal to the television and last but not least, never ever look up at a tv, doing so will result in deformed gamer face syndrome.
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metazim53 posted...
Never ever look up at a tv, doing so will result in deformed gamer face syndrome.

LOL, thanks For the new sig.
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