Nintendo should create a real Nintendo Land

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3 years ago#61
Nintendo is no where near Disney's level of public awareness.

Either way, a small NintendoLand park would be very cool. They could a make a park similar to Legoland near Orlando, Fl or California and partner with them for combined dual park ticket deals! Nintendo is kind of a niche brand like Lego anyways so I thought it was a good pairing and each park would also get the other neighboring park-goers curiosity.

Possible attractions (some of which others mentioned):
Peach's Castle w/ dueling Bowser's Castle somewhere else.
Hyrule Field
Zelda dungeon ride or something of an exploration/puzzle solving nature
Pokemon island
Metroid tunnels/ride - Going from Crateria-Brinster-Maridia-Norfair-Tourian. Super Metroid Theme with appearances by many creatures and certain bosses.
Donkey Kong Jungle (maybe this is a kid nets and playground area with tall things to climb?)
Mario Kart race track
Luigis Haunted Mansion (image the interactive vacuum elements)
Maybe something Pikmin themed.
3 years ago#62
jbhens posted...
nonexistinghero posted...
None of them are as recognizable as Mickey Mouse, so m00t point.

Are you a diehard Nintendo fanboy or something?

As adamant as you are about insisting your view is right in this thread... I'd say "pot, kettle, black". Do you have Buzz Lightyear bedsheets?
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3 years ago#63
Well I was thinking of a game in every Nintendo place(subspace emissary like, but with Nintendo games' places)

But a park, people will have another reason to "NINTENDO IS KIDDY!! GRAPHIX!! LET'S GO, SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE, BEAT THE GAME!HARDCOREY"
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3 years ago#64
To be fair, Nintendo could just create a regular theme park, grab some paint and makeover things with Nintendo characters, and rename rides to fit Nintendo themed items.
3 years ago#65
This topic has been discussed before. No in all caps, NO. It's a disaster waiting to happen. SNK once had a Neo Geo Land, a few of them (different tiers). The cost of land, construction, staffing would be an enormous money pit.
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