Wii U Sponsors ITV 4's Tour de France 2013 Coverage

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Nintendo cycling team.

That would be pure win.
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Wii Up
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For those that don't know. ITV 4 is essentially the 28th channel on UK Freeview TV. The leading channels are BBC 1 and BBC 2 (British Broadcasting Channel, no adverts) ITV 1 and Channel 4 (And 5 but no one cares for 5). Ahead of it are ITV 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, ITV 3, Pick TV, Dave, Channel 4 +1, More 4, Film 4, QVC, Really, 4 Music, Yesterday, VIVA, THEN you get to ITV 4.

So yeah, it exists. But it's not that high up in the British TV food chain. ITV 1 coverage or even ITV 2 would be a lot better.

im guessing nintendo couldnt afford to go higher what with the wii u sales...

Except ITV4 have had the Tour de France coverage for as long as I can remember, and it pulls in a large crowd. As the post you replied to said, Channel 5 is the fifth in the list, yet nobody watches that.

They're sponsoring the Tour de France, not running an ad campaign - they could pick a 'higher' channel if they wanted to, but Tour de France is on ITV4.
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Two peas in a pod, they're both completely irrelevant in their respective industries (at least for now).
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****ing LOL at ITV 4.

That's just such a perfect metaphor for the state of the Wii U.
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AdamLazaruso posted...
****ing LOL at ITV 4.

That's just such a perfect metaphor for the state of the Wii U.

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