Screw the Sony fans! What Nintendo wants! Nintendo must have! SMTxFE will come!

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SlimeSwayze posted...
Nintendo owning Atlus is one of the worst things that I can imaging happening to gaming.

A company that understands the value of fun games with a modest budget owning another developer brand that also understands the value of fun games with a modest one of the worst things to happen to gaming?

Oh dear....don't tell me you're one of those who expect Persona 5 to have a bloated Final Fantasy grade production. If you are, then you demonstrate why gaming has gone to hell in the past several years.
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Numbuh100 posted...

Sign it!

Sorry companies don't aquire other companies b/c of an online petition, economic 101.
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Really someone should.
Xbox WON!
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ElectricMole posted...

"Hell no. Nintendo doesn't deserve Atlus. If they got the company 70% if what atlus makes would never be localized for overseas outside of Japan.

Xseed or Nippon Ichi Software are much more deserving of being Atlus owners"

marvelous (makers of harvest moon river king and others)... owns xseed these days and i dont think there even signed up to develope for the wii u yet
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Kenaue posted...
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Kenaue posted...
**** that. A third party purchasing Atlus would be the best thing for everyone, and you can't dispute that.

Nope. Not f***ing EA or some piece of s*** 3rd party company who doesn't develop for Nintendo.

NIS would be a great choice, as would be Namco or Square.EA probably wouldn't even consider Atlus because their games don't sell enough for them. A first party buyout would be JUST as bad as an EA buyout.

I highly doubt that a Japanese company can be bought by an American company, anyways.