Chance of a Pikmin 3 demo?

#1gintu394Posted 7/5/2013 12:48:45 PM
What are the chances we get a Pikmin 3 demo? Has anything been said about one?
#2NovaLevossidaPosted 7/5/2013 1:01:58 PM
I kind of doubt it.
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#3Petey_MeanisPosted 7/5/2013 1:02:58 PM
0 % chance.
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#4Mandrew257Posted 7/5/2013 1:03:52 PM
Doubt it.
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#5Board_hunter567Posted 7/5/2013 1:31:30 PM(edited)
I'd like to say "yes" but Nintendo still doesn't seem to have a grasp on the whole demo thing.
They need to seriously do something about that.
#6TuxityPosted 7/5/2013 2:25:36 PM
There's a pikmin demo in Nintendoland
#7LordBowserPosted 7/5/2013 2:28:42 PM
Highly unlikely. <1% chance.
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#8thefabregas22Posted 7/6/2013 9:50:42 AM
Tuxity posted...
There's a pikmin demo in Nintendoland

if that's what pikmin 3 is like then I'm not gonna like pikmin 3 haha
I will like it though as I loved one and two
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#9DBPanterAPosted 7/6/2013 11:19:52 AM
gintu394 posted...
What are the chances we get a Pikmin 3 demo? Has anything been said about one?

I have played this game and will play it again today.

You most likely will have to visit a Nintendo WIi U Summer Tour location (currently Minneapolis and Chicago, later this month Boston and Hollywood).

If you have questions and want to know something, I can tell you about it. Pikmin 3 looks great, it is fun, it is definitely a mote and chuck game. I still haven't beat Pikmin 2 (put about 4 hours into it). I plan on beating Pikmin 2 this month before picking up Pikmin 3.
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#10ssbmrocksPosted 7/6/2013 11:21:30 AM
There may be a chance, but I'm doubting it. The only Nintendo game to have a demo that I can think of is Fire Emblem Awakening.
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