What new features should a new Star Fox game have?

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3 years ago#11
On foot gameplay with tighter controls.

Customizable Arwings.

More land vehicles.

Online multiplayer.

And most importantly...

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3 years ago#12
1. Online multiplayer with the following:
-fully customizable characters
-On foot, Air master, and Land master FFA and TDM (along with other fun modes)
2. Less kiddy but not like all serious and mature story mode (keep it fun, just not cheesey)
3. Horde mode mini game...some may say this has been over done like with CoD and GoW but its a really fun feature thats always great to play online or with friends
4. Be able to switch between 1st person and 3rd person (cause why not?)
5. Story mode contains ALL the great elements like platforming, rail shooting, shoot/beat em up, puzzle solving, adventuring, roaming, blah blah blah, also side quests
6. When unarmed Fox can fight like he does in SSB (I dunno but to me that just sounds pretty damn awesome) maybe some slight changes
7. No love interest story. No one wants to see furries makin out
8. inb4everyoneisfurryforcrystal
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3 years ago#13
I like the idea of a Co-op mode but how would that really work out? Any rail shooters I can think of doesn't really use split-screen for multiplayer (KI:U, S&P:SS and Resident Evil:UC & DC). I guess Co-op can work some missions and boss battle in all range mode.

Also, I like the idea of customizing your Arwing. Maybe you could use your points after a mission to buy new parts like shield, booster, wings, and blaster. Would make deathmatch (both online and split screen) more interesting.
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3 years ago#14
Make it Assault but better and non-linear. Choose your own path system like 64, a more even ratio of gameplay types (between all-range on-foot/vehicles and on-rails Arwing), online to the multiplayer, a more effective SFX set so it sounds more arcade-y.
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3 years ago#15
I would be happy with like a large scale rogue squadron style game, massive levels that are free flying, for the most part (or at least having x-y-z axis to move around in.)

Some online multiplayer with massive scale, tons of players at once and different game modes within.. destroy enemies base, dogfights, ground defense vs air raids, etc.
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