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How do Feminists feel about Bayonetta as a character and her games?
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MarikoNumber35319/18 9:43AM
So, what do Amiibos actually do?
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What, you guys all forgot that Pokemon's technically a third-party title?
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Any other linear 3D Platformers beside Mario 64?
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hijokaiden879/18 9:31AM
Game of the year editions, do you think Nintendo will......LuckyLickmore59/18 9:30AM
At this point in the systems life, would you choose the Wii U over the X1 or Ps4 (Poll)
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TheXboxOne179/18 9:27AM
Man, when is Club Nintendo going to be back up?
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If I ever get a Wii U, the deciding factor for Hyrule Warriors will be...notSFF49/18 9:23AM
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C/D The gamepad is like the 3d of the 3dsMurderstorm11749/18 9:21AM
Zombi U is only $8 at Best BuyLemmywinks1389/18 9:20AM
I think we all know that Smash Bros U will *not* have an exclusive mode.
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jstewart01389/18 9:19AM
Which would you rather have? (Poll)Mandrew25729/18 9:15AM