Wii U Pro Controller to PC

#11DiscostewSMPosted 7/9/2013 2:15:13 PM
I have my Pro Controller synced to my PC. It requires communication via Bluetooth and a homebrew program (found at GBATemp.net) to sync it together.

Or just get one of these (never tried one myself though)

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Screw that hassle just get a wired 360 controller, tons of games on Steam even have integrated support for it.
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Mwulf posted...
Is it possible to use it as a PC controller -AND- still have it synced w/ a WiiU? I'm in the market for a wireless PC controller without a crappy signal (Logitech) or crappy D-pad (Microsoft).

No, connecting it to a PC will desync it from the Wii U. It's not that hard to sync it back to the Wii U, as you can just use the HOME Menu on the GamePad to resync it (don't have to go push the Sync button like you did on the Wii).
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MotiJr posted...
PS3 cable probably allows data to be transferred as well as for charging. As for a bluetooth adapter, you can get them for like a dollar/pound/euro off the net. Not expensive and worth it because I agree that the Wii U pro controller is insanely comfortable. I have been unsuccessful getting it to work simply because I have a laptop with a built in usb adapter and when trying to install the toshiba bluetooth stack, I cannot install the drivers as it requires removal and plugging in of the adapter. There are fixes, but it involves a lot of file info changing and I can't be bothered lol

Wait.. The PS3 cable works for the Wii U controller too! Do you think it's possible to do it that way?
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I tried it with the PS3 cable and it still only showed as USB Charger.. :/ I'll have too buy me one of THEM BLUTUUTH ADAPTUUUR.
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