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NES Remix 2 or DK:TF?firestorm930524/1 11:27AM
anyone want my club Nintendo Platinum reward?progamer229054/1 11:25AM
Do you think that the Club Nintendo website will be better by the weekend?
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GearsofLag114/1 11:25AM
Wii-U 2015 release schedule looks almost as barren as a typical PS4 year :(
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juzzieb274/1 11:23AM
Is it possible to play GBA games on Wii U without it looking like trash?2Dover3D44/1 11:22AM
Need Help Choosing RewardDrOmeletteman34/1 11:22AM
Yoshi New Island or Tropical Freeze? (Poll)
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DoctorA27244/1 11:22AM
I'm hoping Mario Maker will be talked out in ND tomorrow.knightimex74/1 11:21AM
Which 200 CN Reward? (Poll)RoyMaster424/1 11:18AM
Trading DKTF download codeParagonCrossing64/1 11:16AM
how much longer till the direct?AceMos44/1 11:12AM
MM messenger bags may be shipping earlier than expectedEskrima_Force34/1 11:11AM
How is nintendo trying to kill off the Wii U?
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derpy_elbows304/1 11:08AM
So... What do you expect to see from this Nintendo direct?
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knightimex184/1 11:08AM
Can i play Smg2 without a nunchuk? And can i use the gamepad?Hazel_Ninja54/1 11:07AM
Direct contents leaked!
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greatdimentio114/1 11:05AM
You know what would make Nintendo's new console 100% awesome?Unbridled944/1 11:04AM
interesting CN error...druskie64/1 11:04AM
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Version headed to Wii U
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Sonytendo134/1 10:59AM
I hope we get more capcom arcade games ported soon.McmadnessV354/1 10:59AM