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Got enough money for one game. Help me choose (Poll)
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sonicfanaticjtb2912/18 4:48PM
Skies of Arcadia 2 x Baten Kaitos 3 x Xenoblade Chronicles crossoverdarklink1017712/18 4:47PM
Did you buy a Wii U because of the Gamepad or despite it? (Poll)
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Ccroybb3712/18 4:47PM
When Nintendo releases more...
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GEKGanon2712/18 4:45PM
Edge Magazine UK give Bayonetta 2 their GOTYThe-Rory512/18 4:40PM
Maniac Mansion creator's kickstarter Thimbleweed Park ends very soonDrLight66712/18 4:39PM
Which Nintendo 1st party game we haven't seen in a while would you like part 2? (Poll)
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CloudStrife6301912/18 4:20PM
Getting a Wii U for Christmas. What are the must have games I need to get?Superfly Jo Jo1012/18 4:11PM
Kinda wish Toad was as mouthy as he was in Super Mario Bros. Super Showdarkqueenhelba112/18 4:10PM
Controllers.cleaningsnow1112/18 4:09PM
Star Fox (newish) info!Dinglesteed1012/18 4:00PM
YR nintendo makes a waluigi bridal boutique simulatorAceMos312/18 3:59PM
BUY or DIE 1: Captain Toadstool : Treasure Trackerssecretprimate812/18 3:56PM
The hype is realshaunme712/18 3:52PM
Capcom has 1 week to not be liars about Breath of Fire...OzzieArcane312/18 3:51PM
So what's going on with this second wave of Amiibos?
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Dux_X1212/18 3:51PM
Can someone tell me how Gamespot picks their GOTY?docman864712/18 3:50PM
Would Nintendo eventually make Mii into an Amiibo?
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RemixDeluxe1212/18 3:47PM
Are you an Amiibo Collector? Please post.Teepo64512/18 3:46PM
If the Wii U could play any game...jamos6612/18 3:46PM