Dragon Quest X will "of course" be released overseas, eventually

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That is only published by Nintendo not developed. Pikmin is developed and published by Nintendo big difference

Wrong. Monolith Soft is Nintendo now. Them making a game is Nintendo making a game. What you are talking about is something like Wonderful 101, where Nintendo's funding it but someone else is making it.

There all former SE members anyway and just because Namco sold it is the only reason Nintendo has any controlling interest and is now a first party Dev. Monolith wasnt always Nintendo and I dont consider them Nintendo made games in the same sense as Mario, Pikmin which have always been by Nintendo for Nintendo. I liked their games before they where ever part of Nintendo

As long you support the system and games, that's cool. I was just recommending a game. No need for everybody to go through all of this and that.

Agree and I appreciate the suggestion which is why I gave a simple Sorry I dont like those type of games. Its everyone else on this board that gets defensive over every little thing that has to do with Nintendo.

I get labeled a troll or a sony fanboy all the time because I dont play Mario and want other types of games and more of them for the Wii thinking it would help attract people like me to actually buy the system. And even though I dont play Mario and Pikmin types of games anymore I still have every Nintendo system since NES but it was mostly for games like Symphonia and Arc rise fantasia
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