What's the most nostalgic game for you?

#1fon1988Posted 7/10/2013 9:39:17 AM
I can think of a ton of really nostalgia inducing games I can go back to, but I think Yoshi's Island on SNES might be the one that really hits home when I play it.

Surprisingly enough, I only played bits and pieces of the game as a kid and only played through it a few years ago.
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#2BeanBeanKingdomPosted 7/10/2013 9:40:50 AM
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Zelda The Wind Waker.
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#3sejan12Posted 7/10/2013 9:50:19 AM
Sonic 2
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#4BloodychessPosted 7/10/2013 9:51:11 AM
Pretty much my entire Genesis and N64 library
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#5Petey_MeanisPosted 7/10/2013 9:51:19 AM
Final Fantasy II (IV) on SNES
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#6Kitt ThrustPosted 7/10/2013 9:52:06 AM
Combat (Atari 2600)
#7SyCo_VeNoMPosted 7/10/2013 9:58:44 AM
games still play now and then, started playing the day they came out, and still find them fun
Mario 64
Super Mario world,
Legend of Zelda OOT
Legend of Zelda ALTTP
Super Metroid
#8GoombaXPosted 7/10/2013 9:59:54 AM
thats what gets me through the game each time i play it.
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#9jbhensPosted 7/10/2013 10:08:01 AM
Shadowgate: NES
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: NES
Contra: NES
Super Mario Bros 3: NES
Willow: NES
Legacy of the Wizard: NES
Final Fantasy: NES
Dragon Warrior: NES
Blaster Master: NES
#10NyyarkPosted 7/10/2013 10:32:45 AM(edited)
One for all the generations I lived through:

Gen 1 NES - Gargoyles Quest 2
Gen 2 Genesis - Dynamite Headdy
Gen 3 N64 - Mischief Makers (I mean just listen to this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSsOenUEcgc)
Gen 4 PS2 - Wild Arms 3
Gen 5 Wii - Super Mario Galaxy
Gen 7 ??? - ????