Now if only Wii U Zelda could be set in a world this big...

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I'd be in fanboy heaven.

The thing about zelda games is that its not just the size of the world but the quality of the world. for example some areas have ramps or walls that cannot be climbed by normal means but maybe with the hook shot or the dominion rod (one chest where u had to move an owl statue comes to mind)

GTA worlds are more about eye candy. seeing a large world but the physical gameplay features remain similar. Flat land, maybe a hill, or a wall. theres a bit less understanding the enviroment and knowing how to navigate it.

You get what i'm sayng?

If the zelda world were that big, the quality would very likely suffer tremendously

I get what your saying while thats true for the older GTA games 4 was very lively and had so much detail put into its world you could tell it was a labor of technical love even if it didnt look the best

GTA's world is not intelligently designed. It 90% empty space.
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I'd be in fanboy heaven.

I wouldn't mind seeing Link dropping in from a helicopter into the middle of the ghetto at night. I would LOL pretty hard and then proceed to bring his sword to a gun fight against Trevor and kick some GTA ***!!!
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