Do you think 101 will be a success at retail?

#31DBPanterAPosted 7/10/2013 11:26:05 PM
^I am not saying it is difficult to control, but it will take some time and isn't like a Mario plat former where you got the D-pad B to run and A to jump. The difficult part I see as the game progresses (and not from the demo) is that you will have to make decisions on how to defeat the aliens, and your choice of weapons and how many of your heros make up say a whip will determine your success.

I feel this is a game that just like most games created today, it is built so that around 80% of people can beat it if they try. However, I feel there is so much going on that people who must get 100% in a game will have a lot of replay value.

To be honest, this was the last Nintendo published game for 2013 I played, and this was the one that I had the most fun and said "I gotta buy this." I got games like Pikmin, Batman, Watch_Dogs all on pre-order. I see Wonderful 101 having a lot of potential, much like the Wii U itself, but it ultimately comes down to people buying the game.

I hope the game sells well but I could see it being one that has a mini uptick in sales as the holidays approach and people buy it for the X-mas gift. I have no clue on a number. People need to realize a game like Call of Duty has about a 10-12% attachment rate to consoles as the best selling game, so if Wonderful 101 can get into that 10% neighborhood, people should be very happy.
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What is 101?
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Well we need to look at things realistically. The Wii U is what? 4 million at the moment? A bit less? Lego City and Monster Hunter have yet to hit half a million it seems. So I think at this point in time half a million units is a pretty good amount of sales.
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It's hard to say, really. I think it can go either way.
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#35adroge01Posted 7/11/2013 12:25:36 AM
The only think I know is that I'm buying it.
#36AndyliiniPosted 7/11/2013 12:27:47 AM
I'll be helping Nintendo to achieve their goals on this, whatever it is. I'm getting one at launch.
#37AlexPumaPosted 7/11/2013 12:35:26 AM
Platinum should be doing cartwheels if it sells 500,000. At this rate, I'd be shocked if it sold more than 100,000.
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#38hyjinx17Posted 7/11/2013 12:40:18 AM
No because the installed userbase for the Wii U just isn't big enough to support this niche title.

It does look like quite a bit of fun, but I doubt a fun, really short(by the creators own words) game is going to push many consoles.

It's Nintendo's fault for launching a system with the only game from their main franchises being available for over a year is a side scrolling Mario game.
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I like how people think just because a game has Nintendo's backing means it will be a success.

Is it a Mario game? Smash Bros? Legend of Zelda? If not, it won't sell.
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Will it sell well/make money? Probably not.

Will it be good? Probably.

That's kinda how it goes with Platinum games.
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