the console with the largest instalbase and games library wins the gen. FACT!!!

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Lol no. Piracy wins console wars.

Snes: has super doctor, genesis doesnt.
PS1: cheap way to pirate vs N64's doctor 64.
PS2: Messiah chip, Gamecube was not piratable.
Wii: pirated by week 1, PS3 just got true blue

who gets pirated first this gen will win

GC did have a chip, it was released VERY late, was costly, and was made shoddy

Super Doctor, and Doctor 64 honestly I only met one person that had one(the doc 64), and I've known some people that would go to great lengths to bootleg things

But if we go by this theory Dreamcast would have smoked em all cause all you needed was a blank CD ;)
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If the winner goes to the one with the largest install base and game library, then no console won last gen.
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Wii was very lacking in software sales compared to the other consoles. Just selling alot of console does not equal automatic win

so... mario kart selling 30 mil is lacking in software sales? or smash bros 11 mil. sure the 3rd party games didnt sell well besides party games but 3rd parties didnt sell the Wii. the xbox360 had strong software sales but the 3rd parties were better sellers than its 1st parties/exclusives same with ps3.

Most of the really huge selling games on Wii were bundle games (came with the console). It should be obvious that this inflates numbers considerably. Wii's overall total games sold was respectable but didn't break any console records, and was actually kind of unimpressive considering the number of consoles sold. In other words, low attach rate.

I don't know if you'd really call it a good thing that a huge percentage of Wii's total game sales were just a small handful of games. I mean sure it was probably very profitable, but unless Nintendo is cutting you a check, I would think you'd prefer a broader library of games than 10 blockbusters, half of which are Wii Fit/Sports and a quarter of which are party games.