Why wouldn't nintendo make a FPS with Nintendo characters?

#11GrizzmeisterPosted 7/12/2013 4:12:43 PM
People have been discussing a Mario based FPS for years.


But I think the tragedy at Sandy Hook let the air out of that balloon.
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AetherLight posted...
Why is it that everybody always asks for shooters?

It's what casuals get fed. Just this E3 we got massive amounts of generic, post apocalyptic shooters and they still ask for more. Go figure.
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Meh. Not a genre I hold interest in, but if one gets made, fine. I'd prefer a new IP instead of having Mario and co doing the shooting though.
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Castleman2 posted...
Obviously, I get that nintendo isn't going to allow patio to get a bullet between the eyes - however - considering the popularity of Team Fortress, you would think that a cartoony FPS could be a good idea for Nintendo. If I could pitch the idea to Nintendo, I would have flower fireball guns, as well as shell launchers that can have red or green shells. Characters such as bowser would be slower, but also able to take more damage, just like the team fortress system is set up. Also, the roster could be like SSBB, in that it could include MegaMan. It would be awesome running around a peach castle map gunning down Yoshi with fireballs

Could this ever be a possibility?

So this would be like the Shadowrun FPS? That could work.
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Castleman2 posted...
G1ingy posted...
...Metroid Prime?


Castleman2 posted...
considering the popularity of Team Fortress, you would think that a cartoony FPS could be a good idea for Nintendo.

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Yoshi's safari on Snes says hi.

Also fun fact Mario almost carried a gun. Guess they thought kids love to shoot stuff.
That might explain all the toy water,Bee bee and cap guns they make for kids.
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Actually, since someone brought up Team Fortress 2, Nintendo would be in a great position to make a multiplayer-focused (not multiplayer-only) FPS, since it's highly likely that the tone and setting they'll go for will be in stark contrast to other FPSes that are more grim in that regard.
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Nintendo shouldn't even try to make Team Fortress. No one should try to make TF2 but Valve.
A game called "Brink" tried a few years ago. It did not survive.
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Nintendo needs to make a sequel to their genre defining FPPS released on 64. That is to say, First-Person Photo Shooter, aka Pokemon Snap 2 plz.
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Metroid Prime: Hunters is a first person shooter. Literally so. And it did pretty well actually, the multiplayer at least was amazing, and Metroid Prime series' first person adventure style in general is great.

Making a first person shooter with literal guns with Mario and Link and Peach is just about the dumbest crap I've ever heard of, sorry. I wouldn't be against Metroid Prime: Hunters 2 (please don't name it that), but if such a game was created, I'd ask Nintendo to please make the single player not completely and utterly awful.

Or hell, make a Metroid Prime style FPA single player game, with an unrelated Metroid Prime: Hunters with diverse hunters and completely different weapons and different style multiplayer. And put it on the Wii U, with online gameplay. I can assure you that such a game would sell extremely well.
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