What is "Nintendo" to you

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User Info: BoomerTheGreat

3 years ago#11
A longtime video game and console maker. They usually bring good games to the mix and arent afraid to innovate and change things up.
Greatness comes from within

User Info: BroadwayGPU

3 years ago#12

User Info: RunetheKoopa

3 years ago#13
A great company with an awful fandom.
I am a fan of gaming, and I enjoy Nintendo games as well as games from other developers, whether it's on the PlayStation, Xbox, or a Nintendo console. - Wugeezy

User Info: ssjlinkx

3 years ago#14
My childhood and my favorite game company.
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User Info: gameplayer6458

3 years ago#15
Nintendo is.... *starts to break out in song*

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User Info: thedeerzord

3 years ago#16
To me Nintendo is a gaming company with a lot of potential. But for some reason they limit themselves to what they are capable of doing.
When Halo 5 comes out, I will be like a giant behind all the fans, laughing at the demise of the series. Watching it burn.

User Info: Endgame

3 years ago#17
once our greatest hero

now our greatest enemy
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

3 years ago#18
some of my favorite games of all time.
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User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#19
The company that develops my very favorite games to this day.
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User Info: Moocow123450

3 years ago#20
A company that is more conservative in business practices (for better or for worse) but often makes high quality products for a relatively cheap price.
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