Why can't every game be played on the controller?

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Glad you admit ps4 $710 for remote play.

Yeah, remote play. Not, play on a smaller screen when you have a big screen right in front of you kinda stupidity.

If you're lucky, you might be able to bring the Wii U pad to your toilet. Damn useful for people who are constipated.

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Sony only mandates that the developers must insure that the control scheme is compatible with Vita, and the actual PS4 hardware handles the streaming.

This statement is odd.
If the developers must make sure the controls are compatible with the Vita, that means the PS4 has controls the Vita does not, but if the developers must make sure the controls are compatible with the Vita, why does the PS4 have controls the Vita does not?
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why does this topic keep going up.

Some games need two screens at once.

Vita doesn't have triggers so the controls will be less than ideal.
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The reason the PS4 can do it with the vita, is the vita is a game system with its own processor, and memory,and stuff, so it can pick up where the PS4 falls short.

The WiiU can't do that, since the gamepad is nothing more than a controller.

Nice to see someone being honest in this thread among the fanboys simply changing the subject with price arguments.
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