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No media conspiracy? My foot.
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Which of the following series would you most like to see at e3? (Poll)
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FooFighters25295/4 5:04PM
any good wii u and/or smash bros deals?nh38fcv37jf04h335/4 5:00PM
Have the Majoras Mask club nintendo puzzles shipped yet?Pikazone35/4 4:54PM
When does a game out do its predecessor?
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Y S145/4 4:50PM
Nintendo makes a Vs game with another franchise what you want?DeMax035/4 4:44PM
Updated Upcoming Release list for May NA/EU/JPPS4Warrior25/4 4:40PM
Should Nintendo make a licensed game?Mettagame45/4 4:35PM
Being May the 4th it reminds me that Rogue Squadron died a long time ago.RyuVegas45/4 4:30PM
Is the Big Blue theme from F Zero playing on anyone else's eShop?MarqueeSeries45/4 4:26PM
Wii U board's top 5 picks for SSB4 DLC characters
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Traptin3days695/4 3:49PM
Nihilumbra gets co-op mode on Wii U, due out May 14th in EU as wellPS4Warrior65/4 3:43PM
Control screen questionRainDrinker55/4 3:34PM
What do you think Retro Studios and Next Level Games are working on?
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Hyrule Warriors has sold over 1 million copies!
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When you delete your NNID, what do you lose?JSwizy85/4 3:09PM
Does the Wii U need to be connected to a TV to play on the gamepad?
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littlecletus185/4 3:06PM
Can you set stuff to download while the Wii U is turned off?
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How rare would zero suit samus Amiibo be?
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Here is a little something on Shigeru Miyamoto and MarioPokejedservo25/4 2:38PM