Having played nintendo games, sony games seem behind the times...

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Ever notice how the ones crying "stop trolling the Wii U board!" the loudest are the ones who make and agree with topics like this?

Nintendo fanboys are so insecure.
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Tuxity posted...
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Thing is, Sony doesn't have to develop all of playstations games for people to enjoy the thing. Most the awesome games are still more 2nd party than first. And people complain about sony having the worst fanbase on gamefaqs, but if thats the case then why is there topics like this on the Wii u board.

Notice how Nintendo fans make topics saying Nintendo is better than Sony in the Wii U board.

Now notice how Sony fans make topics saying Sony is better than Nintendo... IN THE FREAKING WII U BOARD.

You were saying?

That's because Nintendo fans are too mature to troll your precious sony boards 24/7

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So how about that TC being banned again... for the 6th or 7th time now?
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dancing_cactuar posted...
So how about that TC being banned again... for the 6th or 7th time now?

Banning on this site says nothing.
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Honestly I haven't played any game lately that felt like it was behind the times.
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All of the systems have something worth playing depending on what you like to play. After that, it's just a matter of deciding on whether or not you think the console is worth buying.
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ilovesmallhorse posted...
This is factually wrong.

Most nintendo owners own multiple brands. Ponies don't.

Like this one guy that needs a 'special' game to warrant the purchase of a wii U, but bought a ps 3 for FFXIII, of all games.

Double standards.

That's a huge claim. I would think that more people limit their number of console based on finances, lack of games that they may want to play on the system and maybe even the hardware and features. Not just because of the brand name.
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Why can't Nintendo fans and Sony fans come together as a whole, and hate on X-box fans?
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Funny how Naughty Dog which is a studio owned by Sony made a game called The Last of Us.

It is a better game than ANYTHING Nintendo has made in the last 20 years.

Now what was that about their games being behind the times? Yeah I though so, another Nintendo fanboy talking out their ass.
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Sony console good. Sony hand held bad.
Nintendo console bad. Nintendo handheld good.

That's the general consensus. All have good games, some more than others.
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