Real games like dkctf should be 50 $and cinematic games should be 5-10

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Hahaha. I can't believe people actually think that about The Last of Us. It's one of the greatest games ever created and it's far from an interactive movie An interactive movie, to me, would be something like Heavy Rain which is basically all quick time events. The Last of Us has tons of exploration, battles, crafting, collectibles, optional conversations, etc, which all take place outside of cutscenes. How dare a game have high production values, well acted/written/done (yes, the cutscenes were actually acted out by the actors and motion capped) and a great story that makes you actually care about what happens to the characters and the world that you're in.

20% of the game is cutscenes? You can say that for alot of games. Think about all of the time you spend reading/listening to dialogue in RPGs. The critically acclaimed Bioshock series has a ton of moments that would be cutscenes in most games but are just done interactively. Metal Gear Solid is basically a movie too by those standards, since it has long cutscenes. Every game that takes it's story seriously, whether well done or not, has a fair percentage of cutscenes to help drive the narrative.

Also, when people say The Last of Us takes 12-15 hours, that's gameplay time. The counter in-game doesn't include time for the cutscenes at all. The play time it gives you is the amount of time you've spent in control of Joel.

So you didn't play a lot of games. Ok.
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