Question: Where do you Buy your Video Games?

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User Info: lt519

3 years ago#21
I'm pretty much all digital at this point. But when I do I usually just run to Gamestop near my work for convenience. Or I buy online for store pickup through Chase Rewards for Best Buy and get 2% back on top of the best buy rewards.
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User Info: Rockman043

3 years ago#22
I go to Best Buy now because of their Amazon price matching

User Info: flamethrowalrus

3 years ago#23
To those that buy Nintendo games on Amazon, how long do you usually have to wait for a pre-ordered game released on Sunday?

User Info: Aaron44126

3 years ago#24
Amazon for physical. For Wii U I just get them from the eShop.

User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

3 years ago#25
I usually get my games from Best Buy. I used to go to GameStop, but I switched to BB. I had 2 GameStops near me, one inside my local mall, and another inside of a plaza across the Mall's parking lot. The mall's GameStop had the luxury of having 50 zillion parking spaces, while the one in the plaza only has 3 parking spaces and is cramped between a sushi restaurant and a dentist's office. They decided to close the good one down inside the mall and let us have the ****ty one that 5 people can barely stand inside.

TL;DR, I go to Best Buy now.
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User Info: WillWare

3 years ago#26
Steam, eShop, and

Evilmonster posted...
Wherever there is a sale

I'm not exactly "normal." Hope this isn't a problem.
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User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#27
Purely Amazon, unless Amazon doesn't carry a given game.

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User Info: b1gt0ne

3 years ago#28
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