Imagine a Mario MMO [just a dream]

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3 years ago#1
All the worlds in a open-world set up.
You are your own character and can be anything known to the Mario games.
For example, I would be a white punk yoshi with purple hair.
Each class have their own special abilities.
Another example, as a yoshi, I can have one player/NPC ride on my back.
Fun in most cases, but really useful for... Save/Capture The Princess... type game.
It be nice to have a "farming" system...
Maybe collecting all sorts of powers?
Some adventure elements and Mario Party set as arena battles.

I know this would probably never happen...
And if it did, I'm sure a lot of my ideas here wouldn't work well... maybe.
Still, just a little dream... all in good fun anyways. :)
[{o}] Hope Never Dies [{o}]
3 years ago#2
more like a nightmare
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3 years ago#3
ManuKesna posted...
more like a nightmare

LoLz! XD
[{o}] Hope Never Dies [{o}]
3 years ago#4
That sounds like a typical episode of Adventure time.

Noooo thanks. >>;
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