Nintendo buying Atlus will guarantee the Wii U wins the upcoming console war.

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Buying Atlus would really only score points with hardcore gamers, and those points would likely be soured when Atlus' publishing and localization policies are replaced with Nintendo's.

Funny though, Nintendo has actually been pretty damn good when it came to publishing and localization policies, barring a few games that pissed me off pretty bad for not coming to North America when they should've, hopefully with Iwata taking charge of things, NoA begins to clean house over here.

Not much is censored, save for the whole Fire Emblem: Awakening controversy over here, aside from that though, I've yet to see them actively go out of their way to censor a second party game published by them.

Nintendo does not regularly publish or localize third party games. Atlus does. If Nintendo, (or many other megacorps for that matter) acquires them, there is a good chance the community looses that resource, and I would argue that it is just as important than Atlus' own IP if not more, and I say that as a huge Persona and DDS fan.
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