Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the second worst selling 3D Mario game

#21squatch22Posted 7/23/2013 12:08:18 PM
And ppl say Nintendo doesn't cater to its fans.

'Nintendo only makes games it knows will sell'

Which obviously proves they DO cater to fans.
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wugeezy posted...
But but has yoshi!

I enjoyed Mario Galaxy 1 more honestly. I thought Galaxy one was perfection. Galaxy 2 was more of the same, which is fine since the first 1 was awesome.

I loved them both. One was just beautiful and breath taking. Two was a canvas with ideas splash all on them. I would say 2 my favorite because of Luigi in singleplayer off the bat. And (yes) Yoshi.
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squatch22 posted...
And ppl say Nintendo doesn't cater to its fans.

'Nintendo only makes games it knows will sell'

Which obviously proves they DO cater to fans.

Exactly. People like to say "why doesn't Nintendo give fans what they want like F-Zero and Star Fox", but look at their abysmal sales in the latest entries. What fans? Where were they?
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#24Ghost_BeastPosted 7/23/2013 12:45:57 PM
Super Mario 64 is the ultimate 3D Mario

Also, SMG2 is hundreds of times better than the first.
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Would help if Nintendo added it to the selects line
No one is paying $50 for a Wii game in 2013

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HaloOfTheSun442 posted...
The Galaxy games are the worst of the 3D Mario games.

I would put the original SM64 over Galaxy 2 in that regard, but otherwise I agree.
#27SCCAN85Posted 7/27/2013 12:46:02 PM
Yoshi alone makes SMG2 > SMG but both are phenomenal games. I think the new one looks good....
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iKhanic posted...
I haven't bought it yet because I'm not paying 50 dollars for new levels for a game I already have with a few new mechanics.

When I can get it for 30 dollars, I'll buy it.

Yeahh...I liked Galaxy a lot and Galaxy 2 looks quite fun. But I see it in stores and just grimace at the price.
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MilesTeg420 posted...
Galaxy 2 was the ultimate 3D Mario but it's sales don't reflect that.

Drop the 2 and this statement would be accurate.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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iKhanic posted...

You say SMG2 is better than SMG1 when the former just takes the mechanics of the latter and builds better levels out of it with a few new powerups, while the latter was considered revolutionary and is considered to be one of the top 5 games ever made

And the bolded part explains why 2 is better than 1. Same mechanics, better levels and more powerups. Thus it's better, no argument about it. Being revolutionary (which SMG wasn't anyways, no idea who says that) means nothing.

You can prefer 1, nothing's stopping you (a lot of my favorites games aren't the best in their series/genre), but 2 being better is fact.
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