Rumor: Nintendo to acquire Atlus during Index Corp's upcoming auction

#21wavelength28Posted 7/26/2013 12:32:18 PM
Normally, I'd say Nintendo wouldn't be willing to spend that much to buy a company. However with the way they've been working with Atlus recently (SMT x FE being in development, and how much SMT IV has been marketed by Nintendo themselves) this situation has a good chance to occur. I wouldn't be surprised if it does.
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tehponycorn posted...
Surprised this wasn't already here.

Let the s***storm begin.

it was, use the search bar
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According to sources close to International Design Times...

Stopped reading here. They literally sourced a speculation article. If they're going to start a rumor (even if fake), they should at least do it properly. Say "Nintendo's in talks with Index to buy Atlus", not "Nintendo is the mostly likely front bidder for Atlus". The first is either a possible fake fact, but the latter is just an opinion. No one gives a damn about opinions in journalism.
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Anyone who knows how an auction works will know that this is pure bs speculation from Fart attack
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DTY3 posted...
Oh great. ANOTHER article that doesnt do anything but quote that speculatory article.

I know, right?. We are up to third generation articles now.
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