It's going to be VERY hard for WiiU to survive without Japanese outside dev help

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If you can't get consistent sales numbers on Nintendo 1st party, what does that say about 3rd parties? In Japan, they focus most of their attention on handhelds. This is because of how expensive HD development is too costly over there. Here in America, Nintendo can't do much with so much competition with cash to spend and 3rd parties don't need Nintendo at all to make a profit(they've been getting by without them for over two decades). Japanese companies at the current could put themselves in bankruptcy if they were to take a risk on WiiU right now. People are just happy playing on the go.

What a lot of developers are going to have to do is make engrossing games that you DON'T want to trade in. Games that have real lasting value(like Dark Souls) and incentive to keepin your collection. the flood of FPS is about to end. sure they'll stay around, but these people won't be around if they keep over-flooding the market with the same type of product.

The current Japan situation is probably why Sony is integrating Vita with PS4. You get BIG games on the go.

Nintendo NEEDS to find a way to get their homeland gamers to play MORE at home. Otherwise it's just going to be a downward spiral. This isn't 1990 or the early 2000's. Nintendo needs to get a online gaming tournament structure up in Japan(and eventually here). They have VERY good online connections over there. They need to start making competitive games because the single player-ONLY experience isn't working. they need BOTH. it's all on Nintendo. They better put those cash reserves to good use.
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No one wants "BIG" games on the go though. They want small simple games.
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"The only way Nintendo can survive is to be exactly like it's competitors!"

The OP in a nutshell.
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In Japan, Nintendo is integrating 3DS with get Pokemon on the go. Vita.....can suck it.
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darkqueenhelba posted...
No one wants "BIG" games on the go though. They want small simple games.


This is why the Vita has been such a slow mover. No one wants console games like Uncharted on the go, especially Japan.
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