Is Ducktales Remastered supposed to be a big deal?

#21STN79Posted 7/28/2013 1:50:18 AM
I was never a huge fan of the original but i am pretty excited about the remake. I did watch Ducktales as a kid and saw the movie in theaters but just couldn't get into the old Nes games. I was probably 10 or so when they came out but was more interested in Mario or other platformers.
Besides i thought the game was too hard back then and i never had the patience to finish it. The remake just looks a whole lot better and is probably more fun as well.
#22DBPanterAPosted 7/28/2013 1:52:17 AM
The one thing no one has mentioned is the company that is the lead developer of this game, WayForward Technologies, is a small company that has created a handful of games that have been very entertaining. I personally am buying this game because the handful of games I have played from them have all been great. It is an easy decision to purchase a game when I have had FUN with their previous titles.
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Yeah totally i mean how many bad wayforward games have there been right? I sure can't name any off hand. Did you see what they did for Contra on the DS? Awesome return to form for the series! They know how to make retro styled games!
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The other thing not mentioned is the relationship that Nintendo and Disney have had for over 60 years. Nintendo received the license to create Disney themed playing cards for Disney I believe in the late 1950's (try to buy a pack on-line, it will cost more than a console). The NES was home to many Disney games (I would love a rescue rangers remake).

We are not entering a time where many people of my age have kids, and they loved these Disney games when they were kids. Clean them up with a fresh coat of paint, throw in some new stuff, and now we have those that played these games many years ago and the kids can play as well. The Duck Tales Remastered, I believe but may be wrong, contains the original as well as the HD version.
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1989 is a lot more than 15 years ago bro... Try 24.
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abbyhitter posted...
I never played it as a kid and never heard of it until the Remastered announcement. I don't know what I'm in for.

So the game isn't for you. Move along.
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Castle of Illusion looks better.
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Does anyone know if the gameplay mechanics differ? Even in the slightest.
Or is it just the visuals that give the impression that it's different?
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All I know is that I'm not buying it because one, I don't care about this game at all, and two, f*** giving Capcom money.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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ImGanondorfLol posted...
Does anyone know if the gameplay mechanics differ? Even in the slightest.
Or is it just the visuals that give the impression that it's different?

Gameplay is the same, only thing they changed is the way you pogo. You no longer have to hold down plus the attack button. But there is a option called "hard pogo" to make it the way the NES game was.
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