ITT: One GameCube game you'd like to see remade for HD.

#1SakurafanboyPosted 7/27/2013 1:32:56 PM
I'd like to see Super Mario Sunshine given the HD treatment. It was gorgeous on GameCube, so just imagine how good it'd be in HD. :D
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#2userfrigginamePosted 7/27/2013 1:35:12 PM
Yeah, I'd like Super Mario Sunshine or maybe Skies of Arcadia.
#3slyman19Posted 7/27/2013 1:36:14 PM
SMS or the REmake.
#4FayeLadyPosted 7/27/2013 1:37:56 PM
I actually got my wish in Tales of Symphonia, but if I had to choose another, Skies of Arcadia Legends
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#5VernnonPosted 7/27/2013 1:38:09 PM
Either, Gotcha Force or Hunter of the Reckoning.
#6manmousePosted 7/27/2013 1:39:57 PM
Killer 7
#7Mandrew257Posted 7/27/2013 1:40:41 PM
Mario Sunshine or Custom Robo.
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#8tsizzle420Posted 7/27/2013 1:47:26 PM
userfrigginame posted...
Definitely Skies of Arcadia.

Fixed that for you
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#9CrysianiaPosted 7/27/2013 1:56:14 PM(edited)
Wind waker

hahahahaa - was prob my fav gamecube game.
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#10DarkHeroRavenPosted 7/27/2013 1:57:07 PM
Skies of Arcadia

It's technically Dreamcast, but meh

GC version had extra content