I won't be getting Zelda WW

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3 years ago#11
Blouge posted...
For me, the cartoony cel-shading is a big step back from N64 Ocarina of Time.

I hated it at first, and I still hate it.

Sadly, I won't be getting this game.

I like the game, but really, if youre going to remake a game, and claim its a remake, put some effort into it maybe? And if youre not going to put effort into it, sell it at a discount, jesus.

They took both wrong directions with this. No effort, overpriced. Lmao

Did not add any new content, and just remade the same graphics in HD, couldnt even really upgrade things like the water and those horrendous flat waves in front of the boat. Just awful.
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3 years ago#12
thats honestly really great and i definitely care about what you have to say!!!

lol sike
how could you do this to me. on the year of luigi
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