If Retro was making a Metroid game, I'd be fine with that.

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I'm fine with dk
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You do understand that I'm not referring to genres of games, right?

hardcore / casual never existed in the 80's, at all.

What casual games were even prevalent then?

No ****. Again, I'm going to ask you. Were you even ALIVE during this time? Yes, gamers were divided into "adult" and "kiddie" and have been since the 80s. It especially started to explode in the 90s. "Adult" games were "hardcore" like Doom, Final Fantasy, etc., kiddie games were "casual" games that everybody played like cartoony games and **** like that.

Stop acting like the past was any different, because it wasn't at all. Today is no different, other than the words changing.

Gamers were never "just gamers." We were always judged and ridiculed for the games we played, and thrown in different categories. Stop pretending the past was some glamorous haven of non-judgmental gamers.

I'm 31 years old and I can tell you for a fact that what this guy is saying is a lie.
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At this stage, I trust them the most. Even though I really want them to make a new IP, I want more so for there to be a fantastic Metroid title again; Metroid, honestly, needs to become mainstream like Mario or Zelda.

Metroid is mainstream...

Metroid is great, Metroid is popular among a significant niche, but it's not mainstream. Metroid games don't fly off the shelves even like, say, Kirby would, relatively.
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I'd love Retro to make another Metroid, but not another Prime game. The series ran its course and after nearly a decade of Prime they need to do something else.

I think Other M got on the right track by trying to bring more of the 2D elements back into 3D Metroid games (Samus should be able to run and jump in 3D at this point). I'd love to see Retro tackle a 3rd person Metroid, similar to their original version of Prime before Miyamoto trashed the tea table. It could be like an Other M that everyone will actually like.

Vyers posted...
Metroid, honestly, needs to become mainstream like Mario or Zelda.

Metroid will never be as mainstream as those games. It's, dark, depressing, and weird (as it should be), and can't attract an audience the way the bright and sunny Mario games or the general-hero-adventuring Zelda can.
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I know I wouldn't.

...the zombies... are coming,,,,brains......
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I know I wouldn't.


Ahem, http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4947262206968276&pid=15.1&w=120&h=110&p=0
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