Who has the better RPGs?

#71Soanevalcke6Posted 7/31/2013 8:28:54 AM
NateRose89 posted...
Wii: Opoona.

Thank You.
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gamerso1990 posted...
If you are taking about pure First Party. Nintendo has more than Sony for sure. I can't think of a Sony RPG other than Legend of Dragoon. Nintendo has Pokemon, Xenoblade, and not to mention Mario RPGs.

If we're gonna include third party. Then that's when the debate gets hard. The PS3 and DS/3DS have plentiful rpgs. It comes down to preference.

Sorry bud, you're forgetting Dark Cloud, Wild Arms, Arc the Lad, WKC, Rogue Galaxy and quite a few more. Sony's Japan Studio codeveloped all of the above.
#73StephenYap3Posted 7/31/2013 11:25:54 AM
I'm voting Nintendo. They have Fire Emblem, Mario RPGs, Pokemon, Xenoblade Chronicles, and...er, well, that's all I know.

Sony has some pretty tasty-looking ones, but the only RPG series I'm interested in would be Hyperdimension Neptunia (only for its gameplay) and South Park: The Stick of ******* Truth. I lost interest in FF after X.
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