Thinking about a Wii U, just got a few questions

#11Fimble_the_magePosted 7/31/2013 4:18:26 PM
1. No, you can transfer them though.

2. No, no downside to pre-owned aside from Club Nintendo code possibly being used.

3. Depends on the price. 32 GB one comes with Nintendo Land, which is about a $20 value. A 32 GB SD card will cost you maybe $20. The other junk it comes with collects dust. So if you can find the base model for considerably less than the black one, it's worth it to get basic.

4. Honestly, no, I don't think the lineup will suffer. Nintendo put out some of its best games when it was struggling with N64 and GameCube. If anything, this will have them put more effort into games.
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1) Is the wii U linked to the wii shop account, i.e can I download the games I bought on my wii shop account on my wii U.

2) Is there any downsides to buying a preowned console, like account linked to something already and not being able to undo that?

3) Is the 32gb really worth it for the money over the 8gb? like am I really going to use more than 8gb?

and finally number 4, which is really much more subjective than anything, do you guys think if sales continue this bad it'll affect the line-up negatively? like I don't want to buy the console for smash brothers, pikmin 3 and Zelda and see nothing else released because the console sales were hit too hard.

im gonna skip 1-3 and answer 4.. with a yes

it has already negatively hit the lineup. and unless things turn around, it will continue to do so.

that being said, are you interested in third party games or first party? nintendo's poor image will strengthen its first party titles, because need to attract more console purchases to get more third party support

as for third party games... lets face it.. the wii u is "last gen." with xbox one and ps4 right around the corner, why would want a wii u for third party anyway?

How is it last gen when it surpasses both ps3 and 260 try harder

uhhh, it doesnt =/
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^^ Yes it does.
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#14Fimble_the_magePosted 7/31/2013 4:25:46 PM
As far as console generations go, power is irrelevant or you could arbitrarily draw the "power line" wherever you wanted.

Wii U is in the "eighth console generation" regardless of its power. Just like Wii was in the "seventh console generation".
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Looks at third party games on PS3, 360, Wii U.. laughs. Wins. /enddebate
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